Responsible selling of technical products to overseas customers often involves far more than specification, manufacture, shipping and delivery. Installation, site testing, operator training, commissioning may be part of the contract too, and even if they are not, you probably need to be ready to handle operational queries, warranty issues, upgrades and repairs effectively, at a moment’s notice.

It’s no surprise, then, that top manufacturers spend so much of their resources on aftersales operations. And, with so many travel restrictions having come into place during the last year, it’s also no surprise that Covid19 has wreaked havoc on many businesses ability to deliver good aftersales service in Asia.

Take China, for instance. With visas restricted, many direct inbound routes suspended, and weeks of quarantine to endure, sending engineers from Europe to do on-site installation represents a massive cost – possibly even a prohibitive one.  Setting up a new business entity there, to deliver these services, is an option, but it takes lots of time and money too, especially when recruitment is considered – certainly not a quick fix.

East Asian economies are growing, and investing in production capacity (including imported capital equipment) at a time when other global markets have slowed down.  Delivering in East Asia as never been so important!

The solution - aftersales service delivered for you, in East Asia

Melchers Techexport is a member of the Melchers Group, facilitating the export to Asia of a wide array of technical products from quality suppliers in Europe and North America.

Our teams of qualified, in-house technicians, stationed in all our offices throughout Asia, receive regular training at suppliers' factories, and assist customers with: 

  • installation, start-up, commissioning
  • trouble shooting, maintenance services, warranty, after-warranty
  • product and application training for our customers' operators

 Together with our spare parts teams in Asia and Germany, we help our customers with: 

  • identification, speedy ordering and installation of spare parts
  • storage of spare parts for rapid access in emergencies

So, is international aftersales service another victim of Covid19?  Not with Melchers.


The Melchers Group has been engaged in international import and export activities since it was founded in Bremen, Germany, in 1806. Foreign trade concentrated on North and Central America during the first 60 years, but gradually shifted to East Asia with the establishment of Melchers & Co. Hong Kong in 1866.

We provide the experience, people, infrastructure and partnership that you require for success in Asia. The expertise of our 1,700-strong workforce is at your disposal, whether you’re an equipment supplier or equipment customer.

With our many years' experience, commitment to service, and team of highly qualified employees in Europe, North America, and at local level in Asia, your aftersales needs are dealt with professionally and efficiently.

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