Is Cambodia’s industrial sector on the brink of change?

On the one hand, Cambodia has a dynamic economy with rapid growth, but on the other hand, it is still a developing country and the idea of investing in state-of-the-art facilities is a challenge for many local entrepreneurs. In our new blog, we describe the situation and what measures the country has now taken.
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All eyes on Malaysia, as economy receives a crucial double boost

From the start of April, Malaysia is officially transitioning to an “endemic phase” with regards to Covid-19. What will this mean for the economy and industry?
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The future’s bright: No turning back for South East Asia’s digital economy

2021 was a year of dramatic growth and development for South East Asia’s digital economy. What’s going on, and where could the next few years take us?
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Seeking Luxury in Vietnam

Despite a challenging 2021, Vietnam’s long-term growth is strong, and her appetite for luxury goods is increasing rapidly. We explore why brands need to take this exciting market seriously...
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Reading the signs for 2022, in East Asia

After a challenging 2021 for East Asia, rising vaccination rates, strong trade and soaring ecommerce look like reasons for optimism, so why are economists only “cautious” and downgrading their regional growth forecasts? And what risks should we look out for in 2022?
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