My contact details have changed. How can I change them?

You can change your data yourself under your profile. For data that you cannot change, please contact the admin team by email: Contact@melchers.de.

I have forgotten my password. What can I do?

Please contact the admin team by email: Contact@melchers.de.

Who can register on the MMES platform and offer their services?

Only companies that are part of the Melchers Group can offer their services. This platform is not available for third party offers.

How can I offer my services as a Melchers Group company on the platform?

Please contact the admin team by email to register: Contact@melchers.de.

What services can I offer on the MMES platform?

Services from different stages of the value chain can be offered, which support companies to expand to Asia. Services related to other countries can also be offered.

How do I upload a report?

You can create a report using a CSV file and upload it to MMES. You can use a template from the Media Centre on the website below or a template you have created yourself. Please have this template checked for formal requirements first by sending the template to Contact@melchers.de. You can then upload the template in the Cockpit under Reportings for the corresponding project under "Go to the Report".  

How can I register on the platform?

In the menu on the left, you can log in under Login or create a new account.

Where can I get information about the services offered? 

Under Services in the left-hand menu you will find an overview of the different areas. Please click on an area to get to a more detailed view.

Does an enquiry commit me to anything? 

No, you can send a completely non-binding enquiry to our service providers, which does not commit you to anything.

How can I contact the service provider after placing the order? 

In the project view, you can write messages and send documents in the chat. 

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